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Winter wonderland small world sensory bin

Updated: Mar 1

Made with cloud dough, loose parts, a plastic mirror, stones and vase filler, cookie cutters, and an air dry clay igloo & snowman in a sensory bin

Cloud dough is a great homemade sensory bin activity. We made ours with corn starch and unscented shaving cream and some coconut oil.

First I let the kids play with the dough by itself for a day or two. Then we added cookie cutters.

Winter sensory activity
Cloud dough snow

The next day I added animal tracks and we play with just those for another day.

Then we made our snowman and our igloo out of air dry clay as a craft. The snowman’s hat came in a play dough monster making kit I bought from Amazon. We let them dry overnight.

Then I turned it into a winter wonderland small world by adding trees and vase filler.

Cloud dough snow

cloud dough recipe


I used a whole bag or about three cups of corn starch, half a bottle of unscented Aveeno shaving cream and about a half cup of coconut oil.

I added a few wood trees

our sensory bin included a plastic mirror for a frozen lake, stepping tree slices, air dry clay igloo built on a funnel (or other round object) and dried over night. I would also have added Toymany arctic animals to our small world if we had them at the time.

Igloo craft: cover A half circle round object with white air dry clay. We used a funnel so we had to cover the hole on top after It dried halfway. Draw lines to be the bricks and let dry overnight remove from half circle. Enjoy.

our sensory bin had blue vase filler and animal tracks

As with any of my posts do not use with children under three and never leave a child unsupervised

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