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Under the sea pirates and mermaids small world sensory bin

Updated: Mar 4

Sensory bins are a fun indoor activity for little kids. This is the perfect small world sensory bin for boys and girls from preschool age to kindergarten. With mermaids and pirates and sea creatures it has something for everyone. To make it even more interesting you can put a light table under your sensory bin.

I dyed plenty of rice blue and we added vase filler and sea creatures from ToyMany. I added some plastic aquarium plants and coral. Then we added mermaids and and a pirate ship with a couple of lego pirates. And of course our ocean small world needed a treasure chest.

Ocean Sensory bin
Under the sea sensory bin

My sensory bin is a Jonti Craft light table tray but something as simple as a shallow plastic tote or a tough tray would also work.

Add Shells and Toymany sea creatures to sensory bin.

Island craft: take an iceberg from my arctic sensory bin and cover it in green and brown air dry clay. Cut some small pieces of fake plants and poke them into the foam. Dry overnight before adding to your ocean sensory bin

Under the sea sensory bin island craft

The pirate ship can be a lego one or this one I found on Amazon or a Playmobil ship is great too.

I added a large treasure chest that I also use for a playdoh treasure dog activity. Inside are gems and plastic beads and gold vase filler.

Ocean Sensory bin with sea creatures
Under the sea sensory bin with mermaids and pirates

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