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St Patrick’s Day Light Table Activity

Updated: Mar 15

For this activity you need to have a light table or make a light table. Here is a link to instructions on how to make a light table: https://tinkerlab.com/homemade-easy-low-cost-light-table/

To start you need a glass four leaf clover pebble

Light table sensory st Patrick’s day
St Patrick’s Day light table pebble

Next add a small amount of green rice or green translucent pony beads or green vase filler or all of the above to you St Patrick’s day light table sensory bin.

Light table St Patrick’s day activity

Now the kids can search for the lucky four leaf clover!

They can also draw designs in the St Patrick’s Day sensory bin ( the key is not to have too much rice, about a cup is a great amount or just enough to have one layer of rice covering the bottom.)


Light table st Patrick’s Day
Four leaf clover light table

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