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Light Table Activities

Updated: Mar 15

Light table toys and inexpensive homemade light table toys. A light table can be purchased as a table top board for less than $80. Here are the fun things I tried with our light table. It is in my list of top 100 toys for kids under six.

Translucent stack toys

plastic straws

Translucent tinker toys

Life cycle of a butterfly acrylic specimens

Plastic cups

Shells and sea specimens

feathers in specimen blocks

Peacock feather in masking tape

Translucent rainbow pebbles

Translucent counting blocks

geo slices science

Learning Resources geometric pattern shapes

Learning Resources letter construction

Acrylic science specimens

Translucent paint

Translucent Geo boards

Pebbles with translucent plastic sheets

Learning resources letters and numbers

Lear resources translucent sensory bin

Crayola slime

Translucent bricks

Test tubes filled with food coloring and glued shut

Translucent cars and playdoh lids

Star chain

Science theme

Magna tiles

Oil and water and food coloring

Acrylic fall table scatter

green rice

Acrylic hearts

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