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Fairy garden small world sensory bin

Updated: Mar 24

My fairy garden small world play sensory bin is made with rice, loose parts, aquarium plants, Toymany woodland animals, and toob fairies. This small world play is a favorite for my kids.

Fairy garden sensory bin
Fairy garden small world play

To build a small world you need a shallow tote, a large drawer or even just a cut down cardboard box. We use a light table tray. I start mine with three color green rice and lots of loose parts. I like to add a cake topper unicorn and a couple of fairy garden toys.

Fairy garden sensory bin
Fairy garden small world play

Wood arches and wood waterfall by Grimms wooden toys are a great addition to many small worlds so they are on my top 25 toy list. Aquarium plants add some depth and color while woodland animals add some fun for any kiddos who don’t love fairies.

A recipe for dying rice :


The water can be made out of vase filler or blue rice or even a blue scarf.

Most of my small worlds or sensory bins include a craft that my kids do to help create the bin. They are proud and love to create their own toys.

fairy garden bridge craft: first add glue to a large craft popsicle stick, then glue match sticks as close together as you can in rainbow order. Let it dry overnight before adding it to your fairy garden small world.

Arched fairy garden bridge craft: first cut a plastic bottle in half and use a cross section of about three inches for an arch. A round bottle or a oatmeal container work best. Then cut popsicle sticks to a three inch width and glue them on.

Fairy house craft for kids: even my three year old made one! (Parents do the cutting part) First cut a toilet paper roll into thirds. Then cut a slit up the side and tape it to the width you need to fit into an egg carton. Then cut out your egg carton piece. Then glue your egg carton to the top. Cover the bottom in white air dry clay. Cover the top in red air dry clay. Then add white dots to the top. Let it dry overnight before adding it to your fairy garden sensory bin

Flower fairy house craft for kids
Fairy house craft option 2

Fairy garden small world play tuff tray
Fairy garden sensory bin

As with all of my posts these activities have choking hazards and are for children over three and small children should always be supervised

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