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Dramatic Play Mechanic Shop

Imaginative play is fun for boys and girls and increases language development, reading, writing and sharing. It’s a great activity for any preschool or kindergarten.

As a woman who is not into cars, I learned so much about cars to build this engine. I’m proud to say the result was realistic enough— even my husband was impressed.

It includes a way to check the oil, charge the battery, flush the brake fluid, and change a tire and change a headlight. The red plastic engine was something I bought on Amazon and turns over and sputters when you turn the key. They could also replace a mirror, change some wires, replace a tail light, and customize a license plate.

The oil dip stick is made from a silicone straw cleaner and I used a silicone straw stuck into our styrofoam packing material base.

I used play screws to attach the wheels to the cardboard car so the electric play drill would take the wheels on and off.

Our mechanic shop supplies for dramatic play: car oil and brake fluid ( empty bottles filled with water, oil, and some food coloring and taped shut with duct tape)

play tools, mini pie tins for headlight, cupcake tins for tail lights, painted cardboard plates for wheels, some cheap plastic tubing, a funnel, white cardboard rectangles for license plates, rags, a tire pressure gauge and a hand held air pump for balloons (to fill the tires.) uniforms as well as work gloves, and pipe cleaners and beads to make different tubes and wires.

I do not recommend the metal connectors pictured here, use cloths pins instead.

We used printables from Teachers Pay Teachers. We also use an old phone, a play register, a bell, and an iPad keyboard or an old computer keyboard for the check out counter.

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