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Dramatic Play Grocery Store

If you want to really do it up with a conveyer belt and a scanner that really beeps and a signature pad that really works then the Melissa and Doug Grocery store is the way to go. We also have a Melissa and Doug shopping cart as well as some wooden food from our imaginative play kitchen.

Something as simple as a lemonade stand or puppet theater would also work well for a store, especially if you add a register.

When I get food or toys that come in mesh bags I save them and put the same colored block in them. Another option is to use play scarves. We also cut up a brown noodle to make bagels. I used some yellow straws in an upcycled plastic tube for spaghett noodles.

There are cardboard food options you can buy on Amazon and color in yourself which adds a great art activity to the store

Squinks, bean bags, blocks, air dry clay made into food. We have our wooden loose parts, our soft rocks from our camping Imaginative play kit, and actual empty food containers we cleaned out. really anything can be at your store.

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