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Arctic sensory bin small world

Updated: Mar 2

For this small world sensory bin I started with penguins and arctic animals from Toymany. I added a plastic mirror to my sensory bin. Then I added some stones and some snowflakes. Finally, I added plenty of blue vase filler to create water for the sensory bin. Blue vase filler is a must have for small worlds and sensory bins. It can be lakes, rivers, ice or oceans.

I added my iceberg crafts to the arctic sensory bin and next I attached the slides to the icebergs.

Beans make great snow but white rice would be better. I use Toymany plastic animals because they are hard plastic and seem to be very high quality.

We added both the penguins and the arctic animals.

To make the slides: cut a puff container in half and round the corners so they are not sharp. Then add hole punches to the top and attach it to your foam. I attached mine with sticks but if you want a cleaner look you could sew them on with a thin white piece of yarn. I would thread the yard all the way to the bottom and tie a knot.

Ice berg craft for kids: draw ice berg shapes on foam packing materia. Next, cut up foam packing material into the shapes. Then glue them together biggest to smallest and let them dry. The stiffer the foam the better. Kids love being part of making the sensory bin.

I put a light table under our sensory bin to make the water light up

As with all of my posts this activity includes choking hazards and is not for children under the age three. Supervision is required for young children. Do not put sharp objects into your sensory bin.

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