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Cloud Dough is an easy peasy sensory bin to make. My kids played with a bin of cloud dough for two hours with no whining, no fighting just happy content giggles. It’s worth the mess! And not as messy as you would think. My three year old knows not to drop any on the floor, but when it does get on the floor—it’s nothing a vacuum can’t handle. Most recipes call for shaving cream and corn starch but that irritates our skin.

Read on for my two ingredient hypoallergenic cloud dough recipe.

All you need is a corn starch and oil. We use organic cornstarch and organic olive or coconut oil. Add four cups of cornstarch to your sensory bin and mix in the oil until you get a nice consistency that keeps its shape when you squeeze it. Or about 1/4th cup oil to 4 cups of corn starch.

Animal Track Stamps Cloud Dough

Cloud dough ideas
Cloud dough animal tracks

All you need for this cloud dough activity are animal track stamps and animal cookie cutters.

Alphabet Cloud Dough Activity

Learning cloud dough activity
Alphabet ice cube tray

This cloud dough activity simply involves an alphabet ice cube tray, or you could also use alphabet stamps or even bathtub alphabet foam letters.

Learning cloud dough
Alphabet cloud Dough

Invitation to Build a Cloud Dough Snowman

Cloud dough snowman
Invitation to play snowman cloud dough

This bin includes two snowman kits. The kits include hats, eyes, nose, arms and buttons. Note: It is hard with any cloud dough to make a three tier snowman, encourage your child to make a two ball snowman instead.

Cloud dough ideas
Cloud Dough Snowman

After my first three pure white cloud dough activities I add about a third cup of red and green sensory rice and Christmas cookie cutters to create

Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough

Christmas cloud dough activity
Cloud dough cookies

For extra fun put the amount of sprinkles you want to add into a shaker and let your kids decorate their cookies!

Cloud dough ideas
Christmas cookie cloud dough

Before you add your sprinkle colors, at this step you may want to add appropriate cookie cutters and colors to what ever holiday makes sense. Red and pink Hearts for Valentines day,green clovers for St Patrick’s Day, pink, blue and yellow rabbits and eggs for Easter, red and blue stars for the 4th of July, orange pumpkins for Halloween etc.

Birthday Cloud Dough

Cloud dough activity hypoallergenic
Cupcake Cloud Dough

I add the remaining colors to create rainbow sprinkle. I also cut twirly cardboard straws into thirds for candles and add silicone baking cups to create my Birthday cupcake Cloud Dough

Cloud dough cupcakes

Baking tools make this cloud dough bin even more fun. I like to have a mixing bowl, a whisk, and measuring spoons.

This Melissa and Doug pretend play baking mixer was a great addition.

Cupcake cloud dough
Bakery Cloud Dough

Next I add ice cream scoops and cones to create

Ice cream cone Cloud Dough

Cloud dough ideas
Ice cream cloud dough

Finally I add more rainbow rice, Easter eggs, and Easter cookie cutters to create

Easter Cloud Dough Sensory Bin

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