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Boys and girls STEM play dough trays

Updated: Mar 25

I love creating tinker trays because it gives the kids freedom to create independently. My kids love them too. They play happily and independently for 45 minute. Setting up a great tinker tray is a great way to create a play station.

Animal Tracks Play Dough

Play dough animal tracks
Play dough kit animal tracks
Invitation to play with animal tracks
Play-doh animal tracks preschool activity
Play dough animal tracks

Invitation to play tray: plastic animals, white play dough. I prefer Toymany animals or mojo because the tracks are more accurate. We also supplement with stamps.

outer space play dough

Invitation to play tray: astronauts on the moon outer space play dough

Invitation to play tray: cake topper flags, tin foil balls, Toob astronauts and Toob planets, clear vase filler, star beads, black play dough with star confetti

Astronauts play dough
Solar system play dough small world
Space playdoh

Invitation to play tray: astronauts and space cookie cutters

Invitation to play tray: wood people, space cookie cutters, white, red and blue play dough, planets, astronauts and stars.

Robot Play Dough

Invitation to play tray: make a robot

Invitation to play tray: wagon wheel noodles, nuts, bolts, plastic cord casing, straws, buttons, beads, gray play dough, and a square shape cutter or gingerbread man cutter.

Robot activity kids
Robot play dough craft


Invitation to make a zoo
Play dough zoo activity

Invitation to play tray: make a zoo animal Habitat

Invitation to play tray: animal, coffee stir sticks, natural play dough colors.

Invitation to play tray play dough
Invitation to play zoo playdoh tray

Construction site play dough

Construction site Play dough
Invitation to play tray construction site playdoh

Invitation to play tray: construction site play dough

Tuff tray construction site
Small world construction site

Rock feeder construction craft

Construction site craft: To make this rock loader you need a plastic bottle. Once you cut a six inch section out of, then cut two openings to creat a tunnel. The leftover top you set on top and fill with rocks.

Invitation to play construction site: fence, bridges made out of match sticks (optional), cut up brown pool, noodle, sticks, model trees, pebbles, black foam for a road, cord casing for pipes, paper straw, mini construction vehicles, green, black, brown and grey play dough.

Boys construction craft
Craft tunnel and bridge

Construction site craft: build tunnel and a matchstick bridge with a popsicle stick and yellow and orange match sticks. Cover a three inch section of a plastic bottle in brown air dry clay and let dry overnight.

Play dough construction site
Construction site invitation to play

Fossil Play Dough

Invitation to play tray: make dinosaur and other fossils

Boy craft activities
Dinosaur play dough fossil

Boy craft activity
Cookie cutter dinosaurs

Invitation to play fossils and dinosaur tray

Insect Play Dough

Invitation to play tray: making insects with play dough

insect playdough craft supplies

Invitation to play tray: insects

Insect Habitat Play Dough

Invitation to play tray: create a play dough insect habitat

Invitation to play: pond habitat

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